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At Greenlight Equity group, we help you invest in cash flowing real estate without any of the headaches of being a landlord. We provide the resources and education you need to invest confidently. We strategically partner with the right teams to find, underwrite, finance, and operate our properties. This means you can focus on your own priorities and live your best life, while we do all of the heavy lifting for you. You simply sit back and relax while your wealth is growing and working hard for you.

At Greenlight, we operate in service of our investors and residents. Our mission is guided by our priority of producing life-changing returns for our investors and life-enhancing apartment homes for our residents.

Our Team

Tate Siemer

Managing Partner

tate@glequitygroup.com • 801.699.4532

Tate Siemer is the visionary and CEO of GreenLight. Tate’s passion is improving apartment buildings in such a way that maximizes value of community. In order to provide solid, consistent returns to investors and well-being to residents, Tate and team operate clean, safe, progressive communities that promote a thriving living environment. Tate is also the creator and host of “Multifamily Octane Coaching Mastermind” and coaches elite entrepreneurs on how to invest in commercial real estate. He hosts “The Apartment Guys Podcast” and serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Real Estate Investor Association. Tate’s other passions include big-mountain skiing and mountain biking, music, and camping with his dog, Joey.

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